Saturday, October 22, 2016

Candidates Statement

Here is a copy of the Candidates Statement that can be found in your Sample Ballot!

My name is Skylar Tempel, I’ve been a resident of the great City of Temecula for 18 years now and I couldn’t be prouder to call this city home. I am a graduate of Temecula Valley High School and was honored to have the opportunity to address my graduating class. Our city has come a long way and there is still much to be done. If elected to serve the citizens of Temecula my goals will include the following:

-The introduction of term limits for the City Council
- Monthly community meetings held in the actual communities around Temecula

- A long term goal of attracting a University to set up here in Temecula

- Improvement of roadways and infrastructure before catering to more housing
-Create a master plan for “New Town” the youth friendly Old Town

The City Council must always serve the interests of all Citizens of all ages. I humbly
ask for your vote on November 8th, 2016.